Decline submission is not working in OJS 3.3.0-11

Hi everyone,

I have a problem regrading declining a submission. When I click the Decline Submission button the loader shows up and no response is given as it loads up indefinitely, so for any error I checked the browser console and HTTP 500 error is shown there and I click the error link for further details and the following message is shown:

    "content":"A workflow stage was not specified.",

I provided a screenshot of the process for further details.

I am seeking for any comment how to resolve the issue.


Hi @asrarahmadehsan,

Are you able to check your PHP error logs for error messages there? Those usually provide more clues than console errors do.

PKP Team

Can you disable the plugin that is associated with plugins/generic/rqc and see whether the error can be replicated? (I don’t know the plugin name, but you can find it out by looking at the files in plugins/generic/rqc . Must be a third party plugin).

I disabled the Review Quality Collector (RQC) and the issue is resolved. But why the RQC plugin causes an error?

I don’t know - in the plugin gallery, you should see who has developed it and you should address the developer.