"Decline Submission" in "Submission" stage: e-mail template EDITOR_DECISION_DECLINE is not being inserted

Dear community,
today I rejected a post in the “Submission” stage by clicking the “Submission Decline” button. I noticed that the e-mail template “EDITOR_DECISION_DECLINE” is not automatically inserted into the text field. In the “Review” phase, however, the template is inserted. By the way, I use OJS by default in German.


To get to the bottom of the matter, I changed the language to English. To my surprise, the template now is automatically inserted into the text field in the “Submission” stage.

Do you have any idea what causes this problem?

By the way, we have deleted some templates in our database in the table “email_templates” that we don’t need. Can this have something to do with it? Strangely enough though, that it works in English, but not in German (only in one phase).

Warm regards,

Hi @adm_sub,

I would expect that there is no template for this email in German. Can you verify that (Settings- Workflow -Emails)?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

no, the template in German is there in the Settings–Workflow–Emails Menu.

When clicking the “Decline Submission” button in German, the template is automatically inserted into the text field in the “Review” stage. But not in the “Submission” stage.

So I guess this can’t have anything to do with a missing E-Mail template.

Warm regards,