Decline review request button not visible

Hi–I have encountered a possible bug in OJS in which the “Decline review request” button is not showing up for some reviewers.

I discovered this bug while testing another problem and we have not had any reports of this problem from actual reviewers. I had logged in using a test account, and I was attempting to decline a review request. However, when I view the “1. Request” tab in the reviewer space, the “Decline review request” button that should appear at the bottom of the page was not visible. See attached screen shot. I have tested this in both Firefox and Chrome. 05%20PM

Hi @JuliaFlanders,

The button should always appear unless the review has already been confirmed (either by the reviewer, or by the editor on the reviewer’s behalf). Those events should be logged in the submission’s event log; can you check there?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team