DB error message when accessing editorial pages

I’m a journal editor, but recently haven’t been able to access Unassigned or In Review or In Editing pages of our journal, European Journal of Law and Technology. Instead I get this error message:

DB Error: Unknown column ‘ea.user_id’ in ‘where clause’

Any ideas how to solve this?


Hi @paulmaharg,

What version of OJS are you using? Have you recently made a change to your install e.g. attempting an upgrade?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec – I can’t find information on our site as to the OJS version we use. I’m not aware that there’s been any changes to the install. Our journal is hosted at another institution (Queen’s U, Belfast) and my co-editor and I are running it from other institutions, but I’ve not noticed any changes to our interface. My co-editor has no problems accessing the editorial pages.


For the OJS 2.x series, you can typically find the version information from the “About” navigation item, following the “About this publishing system” link.

I’d recommend checking with the hosting institution’s technical folks regarding any recent upgrades. If this is not the result of a bad upgrade, this is probably a very old bug and you are much overdue for an upgrade.

Many thanks Clinton, I’ll check this out. From the error message you linked to it looks like the source of the problem.