Dates have not yet been updated. Also there are still 4 pending deposits for more than weeks

I noticed that the dates have not yet been updated. Also there are still 4 pending deposits, just one complete.

How does the PKP PN network work with articles and issues that update your data after they are preserved? Is it possible to be more than a week long for the updates?

This is the identifier for our journal in PKP PN:
2183-9468,"Sophia Journal ",“CITYSCOPIO, CULTURAL ASSOCIATION”,

Thank you

Pedro Leão Neto

Hi @pneto,

The process might take some days to complete. A network of institutions will be to copying the deposits asynchronously, once they reach an agreement that all of them have the same exact copy, the deposit will be marked as complete.

So, give it some days, in case the “in progress” status takes too long to be updated, you might check if your deposit is already present in the Keepers Registry, if you can find it there, it means it’s preserved!

Also, the plugin should be able to deal with updates over the publications by itself.


Hi Jonas, thank you for the information.
Well, there has been weeks now, and I am worried because the plugin gives na error
Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 18.27.21
for all the volumes of Sophia?

Best regards,



The error message doesn’t affect the process, it’s a small issue in the plugin, which has been fixed already: Missing mapping for the "inProgress" state · Issue #18 · pkp/pln · GitHub.
We’ll add more fixes to the plugin before releasing a new version.

About your deposits: I can confirm that they’ve been submitted to the service which will take care of the preservation on May 28. Now there’s nothing we can do, besides waiting for a notification that the preservation is done, this is out of our control.

If you search for your records on the site I’ve mentioned, you’ll see that your content has been preserved already, so perhaps you’ve been resetting the process in vain.




Just to complement, I believe that we might have an issue in the intermediate service that should warn us about a successful preservation, which is already under investigation.