Database Prefix


Is it possible to enter a prefix for all database tables during the installation?

e.g. “ocs_access_keys” instead of “access_keys”

I’d like to use a database with existing content. The prefix should avoid total mess.


Hi @danielbrohm,

there was this ticket:, but it seems like this hasn’t been implemented yet…

Hi @danielbrohm,

No, we don’t support database table prefixes. I would suggest running the software in its own database – this is generally a good idea anyway – and if you need to e.g. query across databases, use SQL query syntax for cross-database queries.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @ojsbsb & @asmecher!
Thanks for your answers.
I decided to use extra databases for each project!
Have a good week!

This would be useful, or if not, SQLite support. I just wanted to test OJS on my host that only supports a single MySQL database. However, I could not, since there’s neither table prefix nor SQLite support. So there’s no way to test OJS on a simple setup before committing to obtaining more serious hosting with a dedicated database.