Database Error when upgrading from OJS to OJS


Due to the recent CrossRef API upgrade, we started to experience DOI submission problems in our OJS version, thus, we decided to upgrade our OJS version to the latest OJS

But during the upgrade process, we observe the following error.

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 23.03.20

We have the following configurations :

; Client output/input character set
client_charset = utf-8

; Database connection character set
connection_charset = utf8

; database driver
driver = mysqli

The current database collation is utf_general_ci

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 12.46.27

Is there any idea about the reason for this upgrade error?



It seems you had an unfinished upgrade before, which left temporary tables behind.

Does it ring a bell?

same issue dear, plz told me if you solved this? and how?


The issue is that submission_files entry in the database must be InnoDB. Before the upgrade I changed it by:

ALTER TABLE submission_files ENGINE = InnoDB;