Database error on install: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

Hi there,
New to OJS and trying to install on linux systems checks okay but when I try to install it comes up with this error. I’m assuming this is able to be set but does anyone know what key length OJS requires? OJS Version

Hi @Ben_Knowles

Could you maybe explain more what installation steps did you do and when the error came and what is the specified key and… a little bit more information… ?


I have know idea what the specified key is and this is all the info the error log had.
I uploaded the files created database and db user navigated to the url where OJS is located entered the info and pressed install. Sorry. As I said I am pretty novice at this. Any steps to take would be appreciated.

Hi @Ben_Knowles

Hmmm… What DB and version are you using?
It would be also helpful, if you could enable any DB debugging/error logging, to see when exactly, at which in the installation process, that happens.