Database connection failed!


We use OJS version. The moment we publish a new edition the website starts slowing and in the other moment it is down with the message “Database connection failed”.
People from the hosting say that MySQL for some reason creates slow queries…such as

| 2121 | eujour5_jovan | localhost | eujour5_3ojs | Query | 1 | Updating | DELETE FROM sessions WHERE (last_used < 1624966841 AND remember = 0) OR (last_used < 1622461241 AND | 0.000

Any idea how to solve it?

Hi Jovan,

Out of curiosity, are you using InnoDB database tables? If you aren’t, you should. MyISAM tables do not support row level table locking and the sessions table often causes problems especially if the site is large. You can ask your systems administrator to convert the table if necessary.


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