Database character encoding Latin1->UTF8

OJS 3.2.X. We have quite a few articles with erroneous Swedish characters (going back to an encoding problem in OJS 2.x many years ago). Opening up the database in Sequel Pro I can convert a table to UTF8 (f.i. publication_settings) and enter the correct characters, but they still do not display correctly. I have to create a dummy submission. Enter the text, open that article in the database and copy the text (which shows the Swedish characters have been converted to some strange code). I thought the whole point of UTF8 was that one would be able to write the characters as they are supposed to be. The database tables are in Latin1. So it is not as straight forward as converting all the table to UTF8 then…

@geirrosset I have the same problem, to fix you need to something like to each table that you have the problem

ALTER TABLE publication_settings CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4;
UPDATE publication_settings SET setting_value = CONVERT(BINARY(CONVERT(setting_value USING latin1)) USING utf8mb4);