Data Recovery with Inconsistent Backups

I just lost an OJS 3.1.0 install (disk failure). The database is current to the time it failed, but the files directory backup is from March. I also have a database dump from March.

If I restore the database from March, everything will be consistent but April/May’s work will be lost.

Is that my only option? Can someone help me understand the extent of the damage, i.e. what data have I really lost?

Hi @seamus,

If you use your current database but your old files directory, then anything uploaded past March will not be downloadable, but you’ll have all your submission and file metadata, workflow information, etc.

One option would be to compare the two databases – particularly looking for submissions that came in since March, and entries in the submission_files table that represent files uploaded since then – and request new copies from the users who uploaded them.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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