Data Migration from Old to Latest Version

Hi @mpbraendle. We would love some help translating our locale files for the ClamAv plugin. Are you comfortable working on a pull request to our repository linked above?

I’ve already made a fork and am working on it.

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Note that we may have some wording changes for the upcoming 3.3 support, specifically around the asking the admin if they want to accept or reject files where the scanning failed for the executable. Currently we just ask that question with respect to the socket-based connection.

Well, the issue is our PHP developer tried his best but the site keeps going down.

Error is Blank page.

What to do now?

index.php code gets corrupted each time, luckily we have a backup file. But this has become a cat and mouse game now. Each time we update in a few hours it corrupts the index again.

Hi @ctgraham,

we have now installed ClamAV on our test server (OJS 3.3.0-10) and configured the plugin, both to use the clamscan executable and the clamd socket.

Then I tested submissions using the EICAR test files (both the unzipped and the zipped ones).

When one uses Quicksubmit, both the zipped and unzipped EICAR uploads are immediately blocked. Good so!

However, with standard submission, this did not work out, and the files (whether zipped or unzipped) get through.

Looks like the plugin is not hooking correctly into the upload (which was changed for OJS 3.3):


Please have a look at this.

@ctgraham - also, for the plugin settings dialog, it would be good to mention directly in the phrase for the socket path that unix:// must be prepended to the path. This cost me a lot of time, until I found the hint in the (apart from the fact that we had to give correct ACLs to the socket path for the apache user and that apache must be in the virusgroup group).

@mpbraendle , @rickhoover is still actively working on the 3.3.x support for the plugin, so I’ll ask him to ping you here when it is ready for a practical test.

I have debugged a bit the hook calls when a file is uploaded. For this I added the following on line 279 of lib/pkp/classes/form/

For Quicksubmit, “submissionfilesuploadform” is loaded.
For standard submits, there is nothing similar, just the submissonsubmitstepforms are rushed through:
[22-Apr-2022 16:01:56 Europe/Zurich] submissionsubmitstep1form
[22-Apr-2022 16:03:21 Europe/Zurich] submissionsubmitstep2form

There is a validate function in lib/pkp/controllers/wizard/fileUpload/form/ - but it is not reached probably because the class path is different - what should be used in the HookRegistry::register call for it?

Hmm. Is this the dev-3.3 branch on GitHub? I was referring to master.

Yes, current work is in dev-3.3, but it is a draft.

@ctgraham @rickhoover Pls keep me informed when you are ready - then I will test and do the translations.

@mpbraendle It’s ready now. Thanks!

Hi! @asmecher
I managed to update to version 3.3.0-10 but something came out at the end of the lines. What does this mean?

PHP Notice: Trying to get property ‘primary_locale’ of non-object in /opt/revistas/lib/pkp/classes/migration/upgrade/ on line 665

Hi @rickhoover,

sorry for my late answer, I was quite busy the last few days.

I have tested the new plugin with OJS 3.3.0-10.
While now a virus-containing document is recognised in the standard submission method, it isn’t anymore when uploaded with Quicksubmit.
Before, it was the other way round.
I think, your plugin should cover both ways of uploading.
I will start with the translations now and am waiting for a next version :slight_smile:

Shall I translate both the .xml and .po locale file?

Kind regards,


@ctgraham @rickhover Can I ask again? See previous post.

I don’t have an ETA on a patch for Quicksubmit, but you could translate just the .po file as the .xml is obsolete in 3.3 and will be removed.

Hi @rickhoover - Translations are ready.

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