Data import to fresh install v 3.1

Having had several problems with upgrading to v3.1 we were eventually advised on this forum to try a clean install, which has eliminated most of the problems. We still have a partially non functional upgrade instance of 3.1 with all our data and our public facing site is running an instance of v2.4.8. It’s beginning to take up a lot of server space!

However, although we can import users to the functioning fresh install, we cannot import subscriptions and do not know what process we would have to follow to import the 650 plus papers published (in 80 plus issues) other than using Quicksubmit - a long winded nightmare. Is there a list of files we would have to copy over by FTP to get to the right place or is there any other way? The individual pdfs we can see (files/articles) but issue and subscriber data are another thing.

Hi @nickpanes,

For context, can you drop a link to the earlier discussion ending with the decision to try a clean install?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I can now close this now as we have caught up our upgrade with the paypal fix and got quicksubmit working so do not need to use the fresh install. Two new queries I will open but then we could be finished at last.

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