Dashboard Customization

Hello everyone,

We have updated our journal to We are using the default theme. The width of the main area is 992 px max. We think it is too narrow. I tried to change it from the build.css but nothing happens. Could you please tell me why and how can I change the width of app__page class? I also added !important with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @fsekerli

I’m not PKP related (community member) but I feel like pkp staff didn’t answer you becouse your question is not OJS related (it’s about web developing, css, html…) and implies you are not a web develper (ojs html/css code is self explainatory).

I don’t have theme structure in my head but you can add a custom css in your journal that will be loaded after theme styles (will overwrite any former rule).

If this didn’t work take a look to this guide explains how ojs themes work:

If this guide is not enough, you will need the help of a webdeveloper.

Take care,

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Hi @marc,

Thanks for your response. I would not call myself a developer, but I have a good knowledge of css and html. For sure, I am new to OJS, but I uploaded custom css in the journal and I can see that it loads in the head. I even give !important, but still no luck.

I don’t want to develop a theme because we just need a small tweak in the default theme.

Best wishes,

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