Daily harvest produces 'Unknown indexing method' message


Our institution uses harvester2 and runs the tools/harvest.php script each day to look for new records from each repository.
Recently this has stopped working and produces ‘Unknown indexing method’ each time.
php /var/www/harvester2/tools/harvest.php 202 from=last set=74797065733D746865736973


Selected archive: Medical University Varna Repository Fetching records...
<h1>Unknown indexing method !</h1>

We are running PHP version 5.3.3. and I don’t believe anything has changed at our end to cause this.

Please could you assist.

Hi @ucl,

When you set up the archive, you should be able to choose between “ListRecords” and “ListIdentifiers” as harvesting methods. It looks to me like for some reason that archive has something other than those two entered. I’d suggest editing the archive (as administrator), reviewing its settings, and saving it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,

Thanks for your reply. Your response has set us looking in the right area. What we’ve noticed is the vast majority of our archives have lost their setting for ‘OAI Base URL’.

Can you think of any reason why or how this would happen? And do you know if there is a way to get them back, beyond simply updating each record individually? (We’ll do this if it is the only way)

Is the value stored in a database table perhaps? In table ‘archive_settings’ there is a field ‘harvesterUrl’ that looks to be the same URL that OAI Base URL should be.

Below is a screenshot of one example of an archive missing the OAI Base URL setting.


Hi @ucl,

You’re right, this is stored as the harvesterUrl entry in archive_settings. If you have a backup of that database, that’s the best place to get these values; they aren’t stored elsewhere. I’m not aware of anything in OHS that would cause these to be lost en masse.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team