Customizing ojs 3.3.0 dashboard font (without hardcoding)

We are currently customizing ojs 3.3.0 dashboard. we want to add our custom font to the dashboard (we added our own theme plugin with desired font for client side), but unfortunately we haven’t found any solution how to import our font into ojs without hardcoding.

Is there any way to import our font into ojs without hardcoding?

Or is there any way to import the font from our theme plugin into ojs?

Is there any way to address a font in ojs from installed theme plugin?
I also check this documentation but can’t understand properly:

Hi @george_mendell,

There are typically a number of default fonts that ship with a theme that you can customize, but if you need to go beyond that, you may have to edit the CSS, or possibly create a child theme and do it that way. Some of our documentation gives some guidance on this: Branding Your Journal - Designing Your OJS Journal

If you’re not familiar with theming, probably creating a custom CSS might be your best bet to try.

PKP Team

Hi @george_mendell,

Is not recommended, but if you need it, you have detailed instructions here:


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