Customizing Header

Hi, sorry first, I have 2 issue thas haven’t solved. First, I want to change my full area header, how do I do that? I have tried it but the result is not fix, see: Second, I want to change my background OJS with pattern style, is it possible.? I have tried to upload zip file of pattern in style sheet but its failed.
Thanks for your help

You’ll want to start with a good CSS tutorial. See, for example:

The reason your banner image is surrounded by the green section is because of the padding declaration on #header h1. The solid background color is currently attached to the body element with the background-color declaration.

Hi, Thanks ctgraham. But I’am beginner, could you show me, the composition of css code to change full header colour? best regards

Learning CSS is a bit outside of the scope of this forum, but if you post what directives you’ve tried and what did or didn’t work, we’re usually happy to help you troubleshoot.