Customized homepage

Hi! We want to change the layout of our homepage in OJS. The contents we are planning are just the same with the default homepage template of OJS. We just wanted to change the design. What are the codes for the HTML and PDF galleys, as well as the Register and Log-in portions? Thank you.

The best way for doing such customizations is through creating a child theme: PKP Theming Guide

Let me know if there will be some additional questions beyond the guideline.

i already installed the child theme but it doesn’t show up in Settings > Website. It’s also already enabled in the Plugins tab.

Without the child theme, here is what we did: We made a new index page and named it index2.php. After setting it up with our new design, we switched it as the new index.php. Now the links in the page all lead to the homepage itself and not the links we intended. The links worked well though when it was still index2.php. Is this setup wrong in a lot of ways?

Thank you.

Basically, you can add to OJS core files any changes you like. But there will be a drawback, i.e., maintaining custom code with every new update. Nothing crucial here, for example, I’m maintaining the site with custom changes in routing - I’m redirecting locale requests to a custom URL, thus making URL for each locale unique. Nothing special but every update requires revision of that code and checking its compatibility.

But in case of theming, I believe it’s much more easier to explore Theme API functionality.

Can you check if the child theme is enabled not only site-wide, but also for a specific journal? If it is the case, you can compare your code with an example: GitHub - NateWr/defaultChild: An example child theme for OJS 3.