Customize summary page and adding a view-only display for all users

We are using OJS to regulate our internal editorial workflow for our journal /magazine.

The summary page lists hundreds of submissions categorized under various stages of processing. However, the summary page does not have any feature that allows us to view all necessary details in one window. For example we require the authors’ full name to be visible. Also we require horizontal scroll bar to enable us to view all details.

Please suggest a suitable plugin or a simple customization to achieve the above.

Also, the current architecture of OJS prevents a view-only display of all submissions to all users in the system. All articles are available for view only for editors while section editors and other users in the system (authors need not be included in this) are allowed only compartmentalized access.

Is it possible to allow for a view-only screen that lists all submissions by name, author, category of submission, and stage of processing that is viewable to all users except authors. Please let us know how to proceed in order to achieve this.

Many Thanks.

Hi @lubna,

Have you looked through the Reports area? That permits you to export information on data in the system into CSV format, which can then be viewed using a spreadsheet. I’d suggest checking whether that suits your needs.

As for a list of all submissions with status information, that’s only available to Editors (via the editorial interface) and Journal Managers (via reports) by design; generally speaking, that information is kept private until the journal is ready to publicize it by publishing the content. A change to that would require modifications to the system. If you have a developer on hand, I might be able to suggest where to start.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear asmecher,

Thanks for your detailed reply and pointing to the stats and reports feature. This is quite useful.

However, the reports feature has only one option for downloading the list of articles. The list of articles we have on our system number around 9000 and the one shot spreadsheet download is therefore a bit tedious.

The custom report feature doesn’t have an option to pick and choose articles that are required to be downloaded - say in a particular time period or of a particular category or in a particular stage of processing.

Can you please suggest a way to achieve the above (custom report of our liking). Is there a plugin we could use? Or would we require to modify the custom report page through source code? Any help will be well appreciated.

Many thanks.

Apropos the latter query about list of all submissions, please do let us know how to proceed with listing all submissions. We do have a partner developer to help with OJS implementation and change requests. We could use your heads up to inform our developer where to begin looking for and implementing changes.

Many thanks again.

Hi @lubna,

Depending on what better suits your needs, you could either…

  1. Write a new report plugin or alter an existing one. Check plugins/reports in your installation directory for examples of these.
  2. Edit the Editor’s interface to add filtering/sorting options that suit your needs. For ongoing use by Editors, this probably makes the most sense. Have your developer take a look at templates/editor (for the Smarty templates) and pages/editor/ (the controller code) for a start.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team