Customize submission acknowledgement email per section/submission type

I wonder if there is a way to customize the email template SUBMISSION_ACK per section/submission type.
The purpose is to be able to send different automated emails to authors submitting peer reviewed articles than those who go to authors of book reviews and other non-peer reviewed sections.

Or, is there another workaround to solve this request from editors?

Running OJS

Hi @Anders_H ,

As far as I know, it is not possible to automate email templates for each section of the journal. However, you can always add your own templates in the Email tab of the Workflow Settings and then select them manually.

Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @Alejandra_Casas, thanks for your reply and suggestion. I will discuss it with the editors to see if it would be a feasible workaround.

Sorry, I’ve tried looking for guides in the forums, but could not find an answer that I quite understand.
Once a new email template is created, how do I select it?
Let say I want to have two different templates for the editor to decline submissions, how do I make the selection appears during email process? Or do I actually search for the custom template, copy and paste it?
I am using OJS


Hi @blstzus,

For now, it is not possible to choose a template at that stage of the process. A similar issue was raised in this discussion and set for implementation. Please feel free to add your comments.


Thank you for the feedback