Customizations for OJS website

How do i add a slideshow photos in my homepage? is there a plug-in for it? what are the best design plug-ins for an OJS website? Thank you.

Please check posts in this forum related to that . There are solutions offered so you can check whether those solutions meet your needs.

Hi! Where’s the link of the forum? Thanks!

Please check in this forum and in search type "slideshow " and you will get a list of posts related to that. However, check also Community Showcase in this forum.
I think that @Vitaliy was working on that successfully.

Slideshow of latest issues is implemented in this theme: GitHub - Vitaliy-1/oldGregg: Theme for OJS 3 with Bootstrap 4
Or you know PHP and Smarty and want a code sample?

is there a way where i will just add the slideshow and sidebars on top of the page instead of changing the whole theme?

also, where do i get the bootstrap 4 base theme? thanks

You need to do custom modifications on front-end site. Smarty template that corresponds to journal index page is here:

You, maybe, would need also to assign needed variables to the Smarty templates.
About theme developing:
And about bootstrap:

Also, can you tell exactly what you want?
If I will have a free time, I can create, for example, a plugin that will add a slider with featured articles (if they have uploaded a cover image) on the journal index page.
But it will be without Bootstrap, because not all themes have it.
As an example:

i want to design our index page similar to the old gregg theme with a slider of featured articles above. is that possible? i want to modify our index page only. thanks a lot for your help.

i just want to use the design of the old gregg theme in my homepage/index page. is that possible? thank you!

That design was made with Smarty, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. If you familiar with these technologies - then it is possible.

do i just have to copy the index tpl of the theme and modify it to my preferences for our site’s index page?

I recommend to create a child-theme and make any changes there. Take a look at a theming guide:
When you get yourself familiar with it - let me now, I’ll guide you through the process.

we are already using a child theme in our site. how do i go from there?

  1. If you want to use Bootstrap, just like in Old Gregg Theme, you need to download it from their site: Download · Bootstrap

  2. Point the location of Bootstrap’s CSS and Javascript in your theme’s class (PHP file). As an example:

  3. Assign issues (PHP objects) into Smarty template. Take a look at this method: Basically, you need to do the same. Although, you may want to drop these lines: and point the exact number of latest issues to display like, say: $latestIssuesInput = 3 → you will have 3 latest issues downloaded from the database.

  4. In case of Old Gregg theme, I’m assigning a default cover image, if the issue doesn’t have one: but you can skip this.

  5. The next step is to add this method to the predefined hook: You can drop the constant HOOK_SEQUENCE_NORMAL without any consequences.

  6. Th last part is to work with front-end. It is done here: and here: You can see there our 2 assigned variables: $latestIssues and $defaultCoverImageUrl

how do i install bootstrap 4? is it the same with bootstrap 3 where you extract it to the /plugins/themes folder? thank you.

You should extract it somewhere in your theme folder and point in the main theme’s PHP file the path to Bootstrap CCS and JS relative to your theme path.

i already extracted the downloaded bootstrap 4 file in the themes folder. i also extracted the Old Gregg Theme in the themes folder. am i doing this right? i am very sorry for having a hard time.

You should extract in the folder of your theme. You don’t need to install Old Gregg theme if you don’t want to use it. The example:
Bootstrap folder (the first one in the folders structure)

CSS integration

Javascript integration: