Custom terms and options in submission forms


I have a multiplejournal OJS 3.1.1_4. I want to have customized forms with custom locale terms and some excluded fields and checkboxes for each journal. Is that possible by using themes and child themes?

Another thing related to this:
Is it possible to change the form for registration of contributors so that the “author” is pre-checked and “translator” option is removed? How do I change

Hi @eddoff,

For your first question, no, unfortunately that is not possible at this time.

For the second question, you can remove roles entirely by editing them in the Users and Roles grid in the administration area. The author role is currently already made available for self-registration. Making it checked by default would require a fair bit of work, as that list is generated based on what has been stored in the database. Since there’s no guarantee that the author role exists you would need some way to check for ROLE_ID_AUTHOR and then check the box when the form is initialized. It’s not quite so trivial.


It worked to just uncheck the checkboxes for translator in .../management/settings/access#roles