Custom Report Statistics - Galley object type

Hi there,
I’m using the generate custom report statistics tool, and under the advanced features > Filters

By object type and/or object id, Galley is not showing up as an option. I have “submission files”, “Journal”, “Issue”, “Issue Galley” and “Article”
I’ve tried doing a few tests with the Submission Files object type selected, but this seems to inflate the numbers considerably since we upgraded to OJS 3 in March. For example:
201712 487
201801 396
201802 399
201803 2003
201804 3314
201805 4725
Any idea why Galley would be missing from the list of object types I can select?

Hi @jhatherill

Yes, in OJS 3 the galleys are removed and instead the submission files are used – because a galley is actually a file. But the numbers should be the same i.e. correctly migrated. Eventually the numbers could be less than in OJS 2 because there were some bugs in OJS 2 (for example the remote galleys, as well as CSS and image downloads in HTML galleys were considered, but they shouldn’t).
Could you maybe tell me all your options selected when you generate the custom report?
Maybe, if you remember, how were the options when you generated the report in OJS 2?
And finally, just to be sure, what exactly you would like to get – the galley/file downloads for a month?


Hi @bozana
Thanks for following up! I have a bit of the opposite problem, the numbers are higher now that we are on 3 vs when we were using OJS 2. I never actually generated this report in OJS 2 so unfortunately I don’t have a solid comparison, I just noticed that the numbers in the report generated by OJS 3 are significantly higher after we moved than when we were on OJS 2:

(OJS 2)
201710 1171
201711 1181
201712 1114
201801 1247
201802 1201
(Moved to OJS 3)
201803 2879
201804 3656
201805 4528

When I was generating the custom report, I followed parts of the first example in Appendix C in the Stats Handbook that @jmacgreg shared. Basically: Under “Default report templates" selected “Article file downloads” > Uncheck all boxes in the “Aggregate stats by” > Click on the “Month” radio button > Date range (for the last two years)

Yes, I’m looking for article downloads per month for the last year for example.


Hi @jhatherill

Hmmm… a little bit strange… :frowning:
I’ve just realized that the use of the PDF viewer (pdfJsViewer plugin) logs a PDF galley twice, but I also double checked the log file processing and it seems to be correct, i.e. those PDF calls that happen within 30 seconds are counted only once – thus this should not lead to the increased numbers.
And I couldn’t find any other reason for the possible false increased numbers yet :frowning:

The way you generate the report seems also to be all right:
You do not change the “Advanced Options”, correct?
If you do not select anything for “Aggregate stats by” you would get the total number of the download for the selected period. I.e. in that case, if you would like to see the numbers in May 2018, you would select From = 2018 May and Until = 2018 June.
If you would like to have all months for the last two years, you would need to select “Month” for “Aggregate stats by”, in order to get the data listed by month.

I will think about it more… if I can figure out something else…

Which OJS 3 version exactly are you using?