Custom report generator: "Submission files" or "Articles"?

Hello, I’m trying to generate a report that displays a ranking with the most downloaded articles that our journal has published. I am not sure whether to pick “Submission files” or “Articles”. The Learning Open Journal Systems 3.3. manual recommends picking “Submission files” but I would like to know what exactly that measures and why “Articles” would not be a better choice. Currently, each choice leads to a different ranking, and “Submission files” shows much larger figures than “Articles”. We offer articles in PDF and XML, though PDF is by far the preferred option by our public.

I have made a lot of trials picking different options but I still cannot understand the logic behind it, and especially I don’t know which option (or combination of options in the filters) would best show the result I am looking for, i.e. number of downloads of each article.

I am using OJS 3.3

Thank you in advance for any help.

H @Leire,

The “Submission files” would mean only the file downloads.
If you would like to only have the numbers for file downloads, you could:
Select “Article file downloads” for “Default report templates”.
Do not select anything for “Aggregate stats by”.
Select “Month” or “Day” for “Or select range by:”. Choose the start and end date you would like the numbers for (e.g. from the beginning of your journal till yesterday).
You can then open the advanced options, go to the section “Order by” and select “Count” from the first list and “Descending” from the second list – to select the list desc by download numbers.
Then generate the report.
It should list all article files together with the corresponding article title and the file metrics.

If you would like to have the total counts (abstract page views and file downloads) for articles then, differently to above, you would need to use the following advanced options:
Select “Article” for “Column”.
Select “Submission Files” and “Article” for the filter “By object type and/or object id”.
(Everything else as above).

Does this help i.e. return the wished numbers?