Custom Plugin update OJS 2.3.7 to 2.4.8-3?


I recently updated from an old OJS 2.3.7 to the more recent 2.4.8-3

I managed to perform the plugin and maintain the theme that I was using in 2.3.7. In the old installation there was also a custom developed plugin which in the new version does not work.

The plugin shows up in the list of plugins in the corresponding settings page of the Administrator’s panel but it doesn’t really work. I suppose that this is because the plugin was working on the database and the database structure is different between the two versions.

As I am not the one who developed the custom plugin I can’t go and change the names of the folders within the source code. Is there a suggestion on how to handle such a situation in order to make the plugin work? Also, Is there a changelog with the exact changes bewtween the two versions, maybe with this at hand I could try to work on updating the plugin myself.

Thank you in advance

Hi @themthem

Easiest path would you talk with developer who coded your custom plugin to update it to this new 2.4.x version.
That’s why from 2.3.7 to 2.4.8 there are a reasonable amount of improvements that impact on code and database structure.
To move forward is required to know what this plugins does exactly and how it interacts with database (i.e. does it have an own (new)table?) and which hooks in code are called.
Those questions only your original developer may answer.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @israel.cefrin and thank you for your answer.

The plugin introduces a number of additional dialogs in order to be able to embed media in articles. This way video content (youtube, vimeo, etc.) as well as audio content, can be embedded.

The plugin implements the GUI for the interaction in adding the content in the article as an editor, saves the media URL on a table in the database and then retrieves the URL when projecting the article to a viewer.

Do you know if there Is another “article media” plugin that could offers such a functionality?