Custom Locale Plugin: Backup/Migrate Customization

We are using the custom locale plugin to adjust few of the texts on the UX. I would like to backup the data and sync it with my development system.

Problem: I have no idea where the data is stored. I could not find my custom texts in the DB, only in cache/fc-locale-*.php. These seem to be dynamically generated as the translation is re-created when deleting the cache/fc-locale-*.php file. But where does it come from? :slight_smile:

System information: OJS 3.3.0-7 with up-to-date Custom Locale Plugin

I am happy for hints of all sorts! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and all best,

Hi @retostauffer,

Content for the custom locale plugin is stored in the files_dir (see in e.g. journals/1/customLocale (where 1 is the journal_id). If you’re copying these to another server, make sure you have the custom locale plugin installed and enabled, and flush your data cache in order to trigger OJS to rebuild its locale files.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Good evening @asmecher

Awesome! Thank you very much your fast reply, that might have saved my weekend! :slight_smile:

All best from Austria,
Journal of Statistical Software

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