Custom Block Manager Plugin Errors

Describe the issue or problem
Dear Team and Community,
We are running Multi-Journal installation with Multi-language ( English and Arabic ). When We try to add new block to one of our journal we got the error as shown in Fig (1).

                                   Fig (1)

In addition, I looked through the database and found that the plugin_name row in the plugin_setting table is not correct as shown in the figures below.

My question is , Do I need to change all fields in the plugin_name row to the default plugin name which is (customblockmanagerplugin). If yes, Is there any SQL query to do such task? We are trying to upgrade our system to 3.4.0-1 but we are afraid this error will guide to a failure.

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-14
PHP 8.0

We are looking forward to hear for you ASAP.
Kind Regards,

Dear Team & Community,
I hope everyone is doing fine. I really appreciate your effort to push the advancement of forward. I hope if there is someone available to help regarding the problem above.
Many thanks