Css style still in the ojs site

I uploaded css into my ojs site and when i removed it, the ojs site is still same. Looks like nothing happened even after i removed the css file.
css file was uploaded via : settings/website/advanced/journal style sheet

Steps I took leading up to the issue

  1. i deleted the file from ojs site path
  2. i had to delete the file from server path also (for some reason it didn’t get deleted from server path after i removed it from ojs site path)
  3. i cleared data cache
  4. i cleared template cache

version :

Hi @deepakc

You did a hard refresh in your web browser?

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hi @dagosalas thank you replying. i did try hard refresh on my mac with : shift + command +r. it didn’t wipe out the previous css style from ojs site.
i even tried to remove files from ‘cache’ folder and file from its sub folder ‘t_compile’ .
however i was always getting 1_stylesheet.css in my cache after i go through all steps and then open my website.

Is the same with another browser?
can you share the url?

sorry i am testing on my qa server which cannot be accessed by others.

we ignored it as there was no impact of removing CSS. we just went on with adding a new custom CSS stylesheet which displayed the changes.