Css browser speciffic issue

Windows, Apache 2.4, PHP 7.3

http://ojs3.ideafix.co/index.php/adsv/ - this site works perfect in iexplore, but crashes in Firefox with css error. I can add custom css to my firefox and site is working fine, but I have more than 10 journals in my test zone, abd only one of them shows this error. I already tried to change a theme, but there is no result.

HI @IdeaFix,

FYI: I just checked and it works on my Firefox.

Regards, Primož


Internet Explorer

Hi @IdeaFix,

Does the problem occur after refreshing of browser’s cache (ctrl + f5)?

Unfortunately no, but I see this


in the browser console. The problem is local ( I can not reproduce it in another machine with FF71), but I want no find a reason. Only one journal from more than 10, and it is not depends from theme.


ADBLOCK… but only one site…

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