Css Article Html galley

Hi, is it possible on OJS3.1 to set up a CSS stylesheet which would automatically apply per default to all the HTLM’s version of articles, instead of importing it as a dependent file for each article? And is it to be done by configuring the HTML Article Galley plugin (and then, how…)?
Thanks a lot.

Hi, I actually have the same question. Does anybody have an answer to this?


maybe it would be better to post this in “Feature Requests”, @NateWr, do you think such request would have a chance?

I guess most journals have the same design for all articles, so uploading the same css for all galleys means a lot of unnessery effort. And if you would want to change or correct the css at some point, you have to make the same changes in every single file …

If you put the css for articles in the journal or site css, it will be more difficult to export html documents, and you risk that the css interferes with the website css.


@Vitaliy is putting the finishing touches on a new feature that allows a theme to provide default styling for HTML galleys without any CSS files:


Thanks, @Natewr and @Vitaliy!