CrossRef XML Export Plugin in not picking up article titles and abstracts in imported records

We recently imported articles into using the Native XML Plugin. When we export the records using the CrossRef XML Export Plugin, titles and abstracts are blank in the output XML file.

Is there anything I am missing or has anyone encountered this problem and how did they resolve it?

Nason Bimbe

Hi @Nason_Bimbe

Are you exporting articles using the dashboard exporting option? Have you attempted to export using CLI script. e.g.:

$ php tools/importExport.php

You can learn more from the PKP Documentation:


Many thanks @israel.cefrin for your response.

The articles have already been imported into OJS and are now published. We need to inform CrossRef of the changes to the location of the articles however when I export the articles for CrossRef using the CrossRef XML Export plugin the articles are missing the title and abstract in the output XML file. The articles appears fine on the site.

My question is why is that the case, do I need to do anything once the import has been done for CrossRef XML plugin to pick up all the metadata of the articles? Has anyone experienced the missing metadata in the XML exported by the CrossRef plugin?


Hi @Nason_Bimbe,

just wild guessing: Is it a case that you have multiple languages and metadata only in one language? And then exporting CrossRef using a different langauge?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,
You were correct to suggest the languages being a problem.

So I wanted to update one the records and could not. I was getting ‘Array to string conversion in lib/pkp/classes/i18n/ on line 102’ which led to OJS 3307 - An unexpected error has occurred. + Array to string conversion in ../core/ on line 421 - #4

Apparently all the articles that were migrated had NULL in locale in the submissions table. Updating them to the correct locale resolved the issue and also the other issue of failure to update the record.