CrossRef XML Export Plugin: article list empty

I’m trying the export utility, DOI and test API has been configured, DOIs have been assigned to the articles, but I only see an empty list.


Any ideas?

Hi @alekstrust

What OJS version you are using?

Hi @Vitaliy
We ran into the same issue suddenly (after it was showing the articles for more than a year of operation). We are using OJS and did not upgrade recently.

Hi @Mohammad_Jaafar_Ali,

When accessing that page, are there any relevant errors in PHP logs and browser’s console?

No, there isn’t, neither in the error log nor in the browser console.

Can you double check DOI Plugin and Crossref Plugin settings, are they properly configured?

They are properly configured, and were working just fine.

It’s hard to say without any hints from logs what is happening here.
Can you check if there are articles with assigned DOIs in the database? This is stored in the submission_settings table, e.g.:

SELECT * FROM submission_settings WHERE setting_name = 'pub-id::doi'

There should be rows in the results with articles that have assigned DOIs

Thank you for your support. It turned out that one of the admins recently did reassign doi which deleted all dois. I did assign and its working now. I should have checked this before posting.