CrossRef XML Export - all the articles for one issue together

Is it possible to generate xml for articles of a given issue so that they are nested under one issue?
Currently, each article is under its issue instead of all the articles for one issue together.


OJS version:

Regards, Krzysztof

Hey there @krzysztof, it used to be possible to do this in OJS 2.x but we found that nesting all the articles in a single deposit issue caused a problem where one article failing validation would prevent a whole issue from having it’s DOIs registered. So, in 3.1.2, we moved to each article as a self-contained full metadata record covering both issue- and article-level metadata. There isn’t a way via the plugin to change this, although you could probably run a regex to pull all the duplicate issue level-metadata out of an exported XML file if you wanted.

For what it’s worth, there are no issues submitting this metadata to Crossref.