Crossref plugin error for depositing articles


I tried to deposit article via crossref plugin but when I deposit all articles or a single article it gives error. Using ojs latest version.

Registration was not successful! The DOI registration server returned an error: ‘No response from server.’.

Curl in enabled.
How do I check config.php for proxy thing {I saw is somewhere}

Now what to do? Cant find any explanation on this forum. Please guide.

Hello, @a2usmani,

Can you indicate the OJS version you are using please?

Please see our documentation here: DOI Troubleshooting
“The registration agency you use should provide you with regular error reports which describe broken DOIs.” - you should see if your registration agency (Crossref) can provide you with any error reports that indicate why the DOIs are not being registered.

PKP Team

I am using

Yes I contacted CrossRef. They said that the error is from OJS side so we cant do a thing.
The issue is since the DOI are not deposited so the cross ref guys cannot tell about broken DOI or any other thing. First task is that connection is not made. Should I provide you login pw for the OJS so you cant have a better look.

Hi @a2usmani,

Thank you. I’m afraid we would need more information - did Crossref give you any indication of where the error was occurring on the OJS side? Please don’t provide us any login information - we do not do troubleshooting for users here on the forum who run our their own instances of our software.

PKP Team


No Crossref didnt gave any indication of any error. They just said to contact PKP via their forum.


There’s not much we else we can assist with unless we get further information to go on, such as error reports. What about your PHP Error log - does it give any further information on this error?

Also, have you looked at other posts where this error has occured to see if that may explain your issue? For example: Crossref deposit failure - #2 by asmecher

PKP Team

Hi @a2usmani

Would it be possible for you to update to the – the error messages are improved there, so you might better see what it the exact problem with your deposit (s. this issue that is solved in Crossref status check errors in 3.3.0-x · Issue #6887 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub).


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