Crossref Manager Plugin in OJS issue

After setting up the plugin, failed jobs appears, when I try to automatically assign and deposit DOI.

DOI is automatically created in publishing stage, but metadata not submitted to crossref automatically. If I hit deposit it says manually submitted and failed job appears.

The detail of that failed job starts like this:

View Failed Job:31 Details
Attribute Attribute Value
Job PKP\jobs\doi\DepositSubmission
Queue queue
Connection database
Failed At 2024-02-06 18:49:58 UTC 0
“uuid”: “9b422045-cc19-4824-88a0-669de07780d9”,
“displayName”: “PKP\jobs\metadata\MetadataChangedJob”,
“job”: “Illuminate\Queue\CallQueuedHandler@call”,
“maxTries”: 3,
“maxExceptions”: 3,
“failOnTimeout”: true,
“backoff”: “5”,
“timeout”: 60,
“retryUntil”: null,
“data”: {
“commandName”: “PKP\jobs\metadata\MetadataChangedJob”,
“command”: “O:36:"PKP\jobs\metadata\MetadataChangedJob":3:{s:15:"\u0000*\u0000submissionId";i:5;s:10:"connection";s:8:"database";s:5:"queue";s:5:"queue";}”
“message”: “Call to a member function getSubmissionFilter() on null”,
“code”: 0,
“file”: “/home/html/”,
“line”: 294,
“trace”: [
“file”: “/home/html/”,
“line”: 63,
“function”: “depositSubmissions”,
“class”: “APP\plugins\generic\crossref\CrossrefPlugin”,
“type”: “->”,
“args”: [

Also I tried to get some errors… But looks like it does not matter what login information I include, it throws no authentication errors as well. But the login information I put into DOI Setup seem in correct format and checked by crossref support team that I put the right login information


I have resrfull_urls and this configuration:

OS platform Linux
PHP version 8.1.27
Apache version Apache
Database driver mysql
Database server version 10.5.23-MariaDB-1:10.5.23+maria

Any ideas what shall I try differently?

Still no solution. I hope someone will help or… better than that devs of this plugin come with a plugin that reports errors and checks connection, user credentials, file system and can do a sandbox DOI submission one one click (now it just says all is OK). I switched to which is great but… suboptimal copy-pasting iterim solution for this… :-/