CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin, hardcode a full title of the journal

Hi @ctgraham ,

I use OJS
I need a small tweak of CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin.
I replaced full journal title with abbreviation in OJS. Now the Plugin pulls abbreviated “full title” instead of the full title registered with crossref, and therefore crossref sends me an error.

How to tweak the Plugin code to hardcode the full journal title, or can I do it in a more easy and elegant way?

Many thanks for your help.

What was your objective with replacing the full title with an abbreviation? If you just wanted to alter the display on the homepage, or header, or other visual aspect, you’ll want to approach this a different way.

The journal title as defined in the journal setup is key metadata and will affect import/export (such as CrossRef), citations, etc. It should reflect the official title of your journal.

If your official title has changed to now include an abbreviation, this raises other considerations and will also need a different solution other than just changing the title in journal setup.

Hi @ctgraham,

Thanks for this clarification. Since we have a long journal title, and abbreviations are much more popular than full titles, my objective was to visually “rebrand” the journal to be recognized by the abbreviation rather than the full title.

We would like to keep the official full title, but only in metadata, while in all other instances, including appearance in the search engines (the most important) we would like the abbreviation to be seen.

Currently, I have reverted the abbreviation to full title in our OJS installation.

Could you please advise the most appropriate approach?
Many thanks,

Do you have the abbreviated name already present in your journal settings under the “Journal Abbreviation” field? If so, you can reference this in your theme files instead of the Journal Name.

For example, the HTML title is populated with the $currentContext->getLocalizedName() here (or a similar overriding template within your theme):

To use the abbreviation instead, you would call: $currentContext->getLocallizedSetting('abbreviation').

This would need to be changed in each template where you wanted the display to be changed.

Modifying theme files is fully described here: