CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin > EXPORT DATA > Manage DOIs

OJS Version

Current version (September 20, 2016 - 03:41 PM)

OS platform Linux
PHP version 5.6.37
Apache version Not available
Database driver mysql
Database server version 5.6.40

When I click Manage DOIs
the browser says
webpage is currently unable to handle this request.

This happens also in the Incognito window


any solution???

In case of error 500 you should look in the web server log, there should be better error explanation.

Best regards, Primož

the error we found is :
“[09-Oct-2018 21:58:40 UTC] PHP Fatal error:
Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded
in /home/eujour5/public_html/lib/pkp/lib/adodb/ on line 2449”