Crossref Export plugin Error on ojs

I have OJS installed. When i try to export articles, I get an error “An XML validation error occurred and the XML could not be exported.”
When try automatic deposits to crossref, i get the error “Deposit contains title error(s): Title name value is missing from the title element.”
What could be the issue since the plugin has been working well with previous versions.

Hi @edwardsafari

The first error message suggests that there is an issue with the XML structure being generated by OJS. Use an XML validator ( or to check the structure of the XML file being exported. This will help you identify where the validation error is occurring.
The second error indicates that a title element within your XML is missing a required ‘name’ value. Ensure that all articles have titles entered in OJS and that the metadata for each article is complete and correct.
Also, verify that the CrossRef plugin is correctly configured in OJS.