Crossref export not working on OJS3 installation


having some experience with a few OJS2 installations, we’ve configured Crossref plugin as usual on OJS3. However, articles tab doesn’t list any articles regardless of having all plugin settings filled up. If I browse to any published article and search for metadata section in the backend, I can see DOI being populated correctly (for a particular article in its metadata view). However, it doesn’t display anywhere in the frontend (for articles) and since there are no articles listed in the plugin itself, there is no way to submit the data to Crossref.

Are there any specific requirements for this plugin or OJS3 in general that are different from OJS2? We’ve never run into suh issue even when setting up multiple-journal OJS2 installations.

The site is running on 3.0.2 at the moment and can be reached on

Were there any changes to Crossref plugin in OJS 3.1 so updating the CMS would fix it?

Are you certain that you have assigned a DOI to the articles. The UI in the article DOI identifier tab is somewhat misleading. Can you see a red “remove DOI” button on that page?

This is what I have:

I belive that the Crossref exports do not support issue DOIs in OJS, @bozana?

The third screen capture is from an article. It shows that no DOI is assigned to that article. As you can see, the text says that “What you see is a preview of the DOI”. You just need to press “Save” on that page in order to assign the DOI.

You should first assign DOIs to the articles. After that you can export them using the Crossref plugin.

Shouldn’t this be automated? I believe that my colleague responsible for data flow in OJS was quite sure that in OJS2 proper configuration of Crossref plugin resulted in populating DOIs for all articles. Even already published ones.

Hi @ajnyga and @szmigieldesign

The Crossref export will consider issue DOIs only within the article export/registration i.e. if the DOIs are assigned to articles, they can also be assigned to issues and this will be considered in the articles DOIs export/registration. However assigning DOIs only to the issues is not supported – the export/registration is based only on articles.

The DOIs have to be manually assigned in OJS 3, differently to OJS 2 (where they were automatically assigned). Thus, @szmigieldesign, you would need to manually assign the DOIs to the articles.
In OJS 3.1 there is the link “Assign DOIs” on the DOI plugin settings page/form, that one can used to assigned DOIs to all published objects existing in the system.



Thanks for the explanation, @bozana!

We were perplexed as it was default behavior in previous OJS versions, so we assumed it’s a bug or some kind of misconfiguration if it’s not working as expected. So it would be wise to do a 3.0 → 3.1 update first to avoid having to do all work manually.