Cross mark on OJS

Hi team, i want to use Cross mark button on my journal website pages. Anybody can help me doing it first time?


I was looking at this a few weeks ago.

I think that all you need is this snippet in the landing page:

<!-- Start Crossmark Snippet v2.0 -->
<script src=""></script>
 <a data-target="crossmark"><img src="" width="150" /></a>
<!-- End Crossmark Snippet -->

You could use a child theme and a customized template to add that. A second option would be a plugin using for example Templates::Article::Footer::PageFooter hook to add that snippet to any theme (like disqus/ at master · ajnyga/disqus · GitHub)

Hi @ajnyga Can this snippet be inserted using the new Custom header plugin for OJS ?

Probably yes, but note that our journals do not use crossmark and have not tested how to get it working in OJS3.

This answer from @bozana could help you: CrossRef products and OJS 3.1 - #7 by bozana