Credit Card Payment without log in to Paypal Problem

I m trying some test before deployment of payment modules of my journal. However, I m having a problem of credit card payment without log in to Paypal account or create one. Simply there is no section to play with credit card. Paypal forces me to log in or generate an account. Any idea about the problem or the solution. Is there anyone who experienced same problem ?



I have just also done testing with Paypal for OCS and used the Paypal sandbox accounts to test credit card payments. Go to then login with your Paypal account. You will need to read their online help a fair bit. Basically on that site you can create two test (sandbox) accounts; a buyer and a seller (yourself). The buyer account includes a pretend credit card number and data that you can use. You get about $10k in pretend money. When your doing tests just make sure that the URL contains “sandbox” and your OK :slight_smile:

Its a bit complicated so just read their online help.