Creating new submission step ojs 3x

We are using ojs It’s known that there are 4 default submission steps (excluding the “Next Step” step), but I need to create a new submission step directly before the confirmation step (the last step) to include a (mandatory) specific information related to the submission.

If this seems to be defficult, is it possible to add some text before the checklist and not showing on the website?

Hello Johnklark, have you tried the checklist? this is in Workflow/Submission/Checklist. You can enter many questions and they are available to the author on submission, but at Step1.
Not sure it helps you…

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Thank you Isteele for your response.
Yes, I tried the checklist, but it looks that any checklist item will also show up on the website, which I don’t want this to be public. Is there a way to make it private checklist item?

Hello John, I see what you mean. if you are asking confidential questions, how about creating a link to a submission questionnaire, to be submitted with the submission files, as a separate file (similar to a cover letter).
I found the checklist ok, but initially I had a long checklist, which then I compacted in the declaration (if. you want have look here.
I hope it helps…

A submission questionnaire sounds to be a good idea, but how I can create and embed such link through the submission process provided this link be private and shown only to the person who is submitting the application!

Hello John, if you need the questionnaire only at submission, the only way is the checklist: I don’t think the items in the checklist appear on the public website. I refer to this:
Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 14.12.23

Thank you for your reply. The checklist items will appear on the public website.