Creating hyperlink in edit boxes

I have a doubt about the possibility of to put hyperlinks in edit boxes (ojs, as the information of user. An example in the image below, in highlighted region:

The outcome of view, it doesn’t interpret the html code hyperlink. According the journal´s editor, there was a way to put this before.

The Bio will have an HTML editor if the TinyMCE plugin is enabled and properly working. See:
User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Generic Plugins → TinyMCE Plugin

Hi ctgraham, I believe this plugin is already enabled.

It could be a problem with the upgrade it?

The version of this plugin which ships with OJS is the latest version.

Given that the plugin is enabled, I would next check for javascript or HTTP errors which could be preventing the plugin from loading on the page.

Are you familiar with using the Inspector tool in your web browser?

Hi ctgraham, I believe that I don´t have any javascript restriction in the tested browsers. In data exibithion screen, there is a comment code:

<script type="text/javascript">
	if (self.blur) { self.focus(); }
// -->

I made a record of executed steps: - YouTube

At about 1:20, when you open up the inspector, click over to the “Console” tab to see if there are any javascript error messages. Also check the “Depuar” tab to see whether “tiny_mce_gzip.js” successfully loaded.

There is only a error in console, but I don’t know where (line):

SyntaxError: expect expression, got '<'

In depurar (debug), I didn´t find the tiny_mce_gzip.js on call stack or source code…

When I visit the AMBIÊNCIA registration page the TinyMCE box appears as expected. Compare your user profile HTML source and Network activity to this page. Whatever is causing the Syntax Error on the profile page is probably preventing the TinyMCE load.

Yes, it’s true ctgraham: in a new registration tiny loaded (in head section) but in edit profile it didn´t.

But I have no idea how it was caused or how I could fix this problem… I guess it is necessary to deal with source code of OJS, no?

I misread the URL in your original screenshot.

I am able to replicate this issue on the Journal Management > People page in the latest 2.4 release code.

There should be a simple fix for this.

This line should reference “editUser” in addition to “updateUser”:

Bingo! You’re right!

But I think there is another problem which I don’t know if it has relation with this one…
In some pages, as Editorial Team, when I link an user and the system opens the bio him, hyperlinks keep without load.

Ex: in - the bio of Luciana (, where we have a hyperlink in “Curriculo Lattes”.

Does your allowed_html in look like the suggested setting, or is it perhaps missing the “href” element in the “a” tag?

Great, ctgraham! It was ommited the “href” in “a” tag. Thank you!