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Hello there,

Any idea on how i can create new page in ojs version…Our user ask for page reviewer suggestion. In this page, registered user may suggest another 3 or more person for reviewing process. In this page they suggest to fill up 4 coloumn…Any idea how to customized the page?If this page is build, what effect to the OJS?



Hi @hizazy,

You can use the Static Page Plugin to create a new page, but you will need to do some custom coding to embed a form on that page. This topic explains the basic approach to create a contact form, which you could follow to create a reviewer suggestion form.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @hizazy,
A easy way would be to modify your “comments to editor” in submission page to whatever you want. Here is screenshot of how we have done it. If you find it ok, there are topics about how to do it in this forum.




Hi @anupent,

This idea also came across my mind actually.Thank you for your idea. Where
can i find the ‘Comment to Editor’ page?In which files?


See the fourth post in this link:


Thanks for your help. Will take an action.


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