Create Review Form in OJS 3


A couple of issues relating to review forms:

  1. The editor has created a number of custom review form. She is unable to edit them once created and therefore has resorted to creating multiple new versions?.

  2. The radio button to "I am submitting a response paper with this review’ is by default automatically checked. Reviewers are unable to un-check this option.

  3. The preamble text in the custom review form the journal is using - though visible in the Settings - > Workflow-> Review, is not displaying correctly in the actual version of the review form that reviewers see once they ‘accept’ a review. A portion of the key text on the review form is missing.


Hi @rcoughlan

About the second one, it is already fixed for the master branch: Prevent review form radio button preselection · Issue #4147 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Regarding the first one, I’ve created and issue with several proposal: Review Forms: hide review forms that are no longer in use · Issue #4155 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
Theoretically, if the form wasn’t used anywhere, I believe it can be made editable.

About the third one. Are you describing this problem: Custom Reviewer Form: TinyMCE field is missing · Issue #4154 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Hi, @Vitaliy,

I’ll contribute on behalf of @rcoughlan; I’m journal manager for the journal with these issues.

Second issue (Radio button): I assume that if I create a new custom review form, then any old ‘bug’ with respect to the radio button should be patched accordingly.

First issue (hide review forms): this was more an issue of wanting to ‘clean up’ no longer active review forms. But I glean from the information that because they have been used/are associated with past reviews, then they cannot be deleted (because that would ‘lose’ information). Similarly, because they have been used, they cannot be edited because that would ‘change’ what the review form looked like for already completed reviews. That’s fine and I understand.

Third issue (custom review form): I don’t think the problem described at Custom Reviewer Form: TinyMCE field is missing · Issue #4154 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub is the same. To contribute greater clarity, when I created a custom review form, I entered descriptive text at the start of the review form that provides instructions for the reviewer. Then, I have specific review form questions (combination of radio buttons, textboxes, etc.) following. The issue is that the descriptive textbox doesn’t actually show when the review form is deployed to a reviewer. They just see the first question. So, does this suggest that, if I want text to show it needs to be the stem of a question?

I recognize that I could put such descriptive text into the ‘instructions for reviewers’, but based on the nature of what the text is, it would need to be specifically on the review form itself.

Thanks for your help.