Create category underneath each journal


I would like to know If any plugin(s) OR setting(s) available to categorized my submissions in specific journal.

Eg. I am having Journal 1 … Where I would like to create 5 categories like

category 1
category 2
category 3
category 4
category 5

I am submitting one submission and that submission must be relay in category 1 for Journal 1.

So I would like to build such a front page where I will click on journal 1… then I will come to know it’s categories.

Once I will click on any category (eg. category 1) all available submissions will going to be listed under that category detailed page.

Is that possible in OJS version 2.4.8 ?

Taral Oza

Will your journal also use traditional issues and sections?

Yes … Not exactly Sections (I think here section is different in OJS) … It will have categories (under each journals), and I will publish my issues in each journal categories.

Taral Oza

In OJS, the structure could be visualized as:

  • Categories contain
    • Journals, which publish
      • Issues, which are organized into
        • Sections, which have
          • Articles

Authors choose a Journal and a Section when submitting an article.

It almost sounds like the implementation you want would be a publish-as-you go journal, where each Issue is dedicated to one Section.