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We have an installation of 2.4.6. In the counter report plugin there are two sections for journal activities: old and new plugin results. We get totally different results from them for 2015. The new one has result zero or close to zero, however the new one has a couple of thousand each month. Should they match or not?

I also noticed this plugin has been removed from the system in further versions. I was wondering why is that.


In OJS 2.4.3 the counter reports plugin moved from the generic plugin directory to the reports plugin directory. You’ll find the current version of the plugin there (and, hopefully, only there).

Parallel to that, a new method for collecting usage statistics was implemented (including the new “ojs::counter” metric). The new metric should not match the old metric, but it should also not be empty. Some configuration may be necessary if you are not using the acron plugin. See this FAQ: My published file views or statistics reports shows no data. What do I do?

Let us know if that helps.

Hi @ctgraham,

Thanks for your reply. In one of our journals legacy counter reports are not displaying. Only the new one is there for 2015. Although below query results in with lots of records and this journal has archive from 5 years ago.

SELECT * FROM metrics WHERE metric_type = “ojs::legacyDefault”;

Would you please advice?


For the legacy COUNTER statistics, the metric type would be “ojs::legacyCounterPlugin”. The rows you are seeing will be used by the “View Report” in the Stats & Reports section.

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Yes you are right. I ran a query on ojs::legacyCounterPlugin this time and there were no result. Is there anyway to enable it?


I believe collection of the ojs::legacyCounterPlugin metric stopped with the creation of the new ojs:counter metric. Going forward, you should be using the new metric instead. If you are not seeing this new metric in your metrics table, see: