Counter data on the entire site

We do operate a server with 64 journals. We have been using our own statistics but would like to go over to Counter in order to follow an international norm. We did test that on version 2.4.7. Now we have upgraded to version 2.4.8. It works - we can find data on each journal. No problem. However, we would like to get a list of all the journals with a total in the last row.
Like this:

  • Journal 1, Usage Month 1-12, total annual usage
  • Journal 2, Usage Month 1-12, total annual usage
  • Journal 3, Usage Month 1-12, total annual usage
  • All Journals, each month total, total annual usage of all journals
    We could do that in the old software and I would be able to do it by gathering data from each journal, but that is quite time consuming. Is there anything I can do in order to be able to obtain a serverwide list of Counter ready data?

The old COUNTER Release 3.0 reports still span all journals. They are under the header “Older Site Reports”.

User Home → Journal Manager → Stats & Reports → COUNTER Reports → Older Site Reports

Hmm I can not find that. I think that we should reinstall the plugin?

Does your file plugins/reports/counter/templates/index.tpl look like this?

If not, you may need to check your install.

If it does, make sure you are logged in as the Site Administrator. Since you are reporting across all journals on the site, the Site Administrator privilege is now required.

I just talked with my IT man. He operates the server. It seems that it did work on our test/development server not it did not get installed/activated on our operational server. No you know of any “standart” error which might cause this?

I think we’d need to know more about your test/development process to guess at the issue. How closely aligned is your test box to your production box? How are updates applied to each?

Off the top of my head, the prerequisites for this are largely what I’ve outlined above. If the upgrade was successful (and the code matches our distributed package), and if the data in the metrics table exists (it will be under the “ojs::counter” metric type), and if you are logged in as a Site Administrator, you should need the “Older Reports” option.

They should be identical however I just noticed now that the test system was upgraded to php 5.3.3 while production has stayed on 5.1.6. That is a clear oversight and the actual cause of the problem.
The test system was upgraded to php 5.3.3 because I noticed some stack traces in the upgrade process which after a lot of digging lead me to find that the counter plugin required at least PHP 5.3.0.

I have updated the production system to php 5.3.3 as well and the counter statistics are now available again.

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