Could not save the changes in the “Journal Settings” Masthead page

Hello, I am facing problem to save the page, actually when I am adding the editorial board member name and saving the information it is rolling on not saving the information, please help.

[Fri Apr 23 15:37:30.498960 2021] [php7:warn] [pid 19331] [client]
PHP Warning: Declaration of DRIVERDAO::setOAI(&$oai) should be compatible
with PKPOAIDAO::setOAI($oai) in /var/www/jotitt/public_html/plugins/generic/driver/ on line 19

Hi @editor.jnp

That’s just a cosmetic PHP warning and would not cause the problem you’re describing. If a code problem exists, there will be something marked “Fatal Error” in your Apache error log. Please also include your OJS version information when you post questions in the support forum, as this may be a reported bug that is already fixed in a newer version.