Corrected User Account info not displaying on mobile

Author-created user account had incorrect capitalization in affiliation, which showed as such on the article’s mobile view. When the information was corrected within the user account, the issue was unresolved.
On the test site, the article was unpublished and republished with the corrected information, yet still shows incorrect capitalization in test site’s mobile view. The article has not been un/republished on the production site. Will this change take effect if un/republished on the production site if it did not on the test site?

Steps taken:
Corrected author affiliation in user account.
Unpublished article (on test site)
Republished article (on test site)


Hi @mkudelka

There are two places where affiliation can be stored, and perhaps you are just editing one. The affiliation within the user’s own account is not what is is shown on the article. If you want to edit that affiliation, you need to go into the contributors area in the submission’s metadata, and find the author and click edit below their name. Screenshots below:

Screenshot at 2021-11-07 06-14-15
Screenshot at 2021-11-07 06-14-27
Screenshot at 2021-11-07 06-14-46